Thursday, January 12, 2012

Working on a list of useful links

As a translator and researcher in the area of Culinary Arts, I collected a series of websites links on various subjects in the area over the years (and I do this for over 10 years now!). Most of them are in Portuguese, since the majority of my work is in the English-Portuguese direction, but there are some in English too. Not all the information in the websites is accurate or well written, but it proved to be very useful in many cases, especially as a visual guidance and from the terminological stand point.

Today I started working on this list to publish here in my blog, and the first items I found were mostly related to baking (from when I translated the book Professional Baking, recently published by Manole as Panificação e Confeitaria Profissionais).

With time, I hope to work on all other areas (I have several hundreds links, some of them need updating...). I hope you also find this list useful - I think you will, especially if you are a translator.

Please, send me any questions, suggestions and/or updates for the links. Thanks!

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  1. Oi, Elisa!
    Tudo bom?
    Quando puder, me visita la no meu blog.
    Sucesso ai na sua lista de links uteis e na sua carreira gastronomica e como tradutora.
    Tenha uma abencoada semana!